Rotary Club of Mumbai Kandivli West - Rotary India

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Rtn. Ron D Burton
Past President2013-2014
Rtn. Sakuji Tanaka
Past President2012-2013
Rtn. Kalyan Banerjee
Past President2011-2012
Rtn. Ray Klinginsmith
Past President2010-2011
Rtn. John Kenny
Past President2009-2010

Dong Kurn Lee
Past President2008-2009
Wilfrid J Wilkinson
Past President2007-2008
William B Boyd
Past President2006-2007
Carl - Wilhelm
Past President2005-2006
Glen Estess Sr.
Past President2004-2005

Jonathan Majiyagbe
Past President2003-2004
Bhichai Rattakul
Past President2002-2003
Richard D King
Past President2001-2002
Frank Deviyn
Past President2000-2001
Carlo Ravizza
Past President1999-2000

James Lacy
Past President1998-1999
Glen Kinross
Past President1997-1998
Luic Vicente Giay
Past President1996-1997
Herbert G Brown
Past President1995-1996
Bill Huntley
Past President1994-1995

Robert Barth
Past President1993-1994
Clifford L Dochterman
Past President1992-1993
Rajendra K Saboo
Past President1991-1992
Paulo V C Costa
Past President1990-1991
Hugh M Archer
Past President1989-1990